Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creative Soul Day #14-22

Good evening!  Sorry it's been so long between posts, but I have been working on some things that I want to share.  I have some items that were inspired by recent events, some inspired by submission guidelines, and one inspired by my daughter's artistic freedom.  It has been an amazing week and a half!  First, I'd like to share with you the importance of friendship.  This past weekend I spent a ladies night in Chicago with my two best friends.  They rock!  There is nothing that compares to having two friends that know you almost better than you know yourself.  They are two fabulous women who help me de-stress whenever I need it.  Even though our adult lives have become hectic, and we live in three different parts of the state, we have been friends since middle school (and Betsy and Jen have been since elementary school!).  These two ladies are such an inspiration to me in how they live their lives.  I talk to no one, and laugh with no one like I do with them.  Check out a couple of pictures from our fun night!

The following piece was inspired by the events of that weekend.  I started it on the train on the way to the city.  Traveling by myself for part of the time allowed me to journal about our friendship and the night to come.  Having a city backdrop for the background seemed fitting.  The rough pen sketch just makes me thing of the edge of a city.  The picture in the middle was from our hotel.  A patron at the pub offered to take it for us.  How nice!  The Christmas lights around us are not only for the season, but for our sparkly personalities as well!  The words at the bottom commemorate the city and year.  We have gotten together three times this year, and our goal is to get together once each season next year.  My life would be awful without them!  Thanks ladies, for always being there to talk about anything and everything!
This next picture was inspired by my daughter.  We were out to breakfast when she gave me the assignment to just draw something while she did the same.  Unfortunately I did not keep hers to post with mine.  I will do that next time.  But I love drawing with her.  Her uninhibited drawing is so freeing to me.  We just play with no worries of critics or anything. We draw for one another, and for ourselves, and then we share with each other.  I will include hers the next time we do this.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I finished my fearless picture as well.  Let me know what you think.  I am not quite sure it's finished.  i think it still needs something.  Any suggestions?

Stay tuned!  My next entry will be a page inspired by one of my favorite books!  I'm also going to be playing with some new media.  There will be some tutorials on how to make felt flower barretts as well as fabric flower brooches.  So much happening!  Don't miss out!  Plus, there will be a givieaway with the next post, be the first to check it out!  Peace to all!  ~S~