Monday, October 18, 2010

What My Life Is

I have a very BLESSED and JOYFUL life.  I have an amazing family, a comfortably loved home, good friends, a job I love, beauty to look at, food on our table, kindness, and compassion in my heart, and a curiosity about life to always keep me going.

I was blessed with two kind and loving PARENTS who raised me well.  Growing up I didn't always think that.  I fought them tooth and nail all the way.  Rarely did I take their advice.  I always did things my way - which usually ended up being the HARD way.  Luckily for me, I had been brought up right, and usually came right back to what they had taught me.  Yes, my parents were right.  But don't tell them that I said that!

I also grew up in a place and time that was peaceful and fun.  We (meaning my sisters and I) lived in a neighborhood that was full  of kids and imagination.  We played outside, explored NATURE and enjoyed life.  We were spies, being chased by spies, looked for ghosts in the graveyard, met our prince charmings a thousand times, put on endless dance shows, planned our dream weddings, and fought to be king of the mountain.

Our LIVES were opened to the kingdom of possibilities.  I think that is why my life is so rich today.  I am open to the great possibilities life has to offer.  That, my dear friends (or whoever shall be made better by listening to the stirring in their heart) is why I thrive and hold dear all of the


life has to is a painting inspired by life.