Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art Journaling

Happy Thursday everyone!  It's not even seven in the morning, and I am blogging!  We have a two-hour-delay at school this morning, so I thought I would get some blogging done.  It's a pretty good morning, but I can't have any coffee because we have no milk.  I'll have to make some when I get to school.  But I didn't write to tell you about my delay or my lack of caffeine.  I am writing because I want to share some of the work I have been doing in my artistic journal.  Be warned that most of these pages are no where near finished.  I have recently given myself the grace to start pages and not have to finish them right then.  It's actually very freeing.  I have found that by doing this, I can switch topics and subjects and add as I feel necessary, or as the spirit moves me.  So let me know what you think.

I needed to start my new journal with a representation of myself.  It had been so long since I had drawn myself anyway.  But I was pleased with the turn out.

These two are part of my proverbial garden.  They are flowers of my own design.  I have been fascinated by flowers for years.  Each spring I tend my flower gardens and cultivate them carefully.  Maybe this summer I will not only draw flowers of my own design, but will choose to draw real ones from my actual garden.

This one is titled jumble.   I love to just doodle lines and see what comes of them.  Plus, it's very theraputic when I've had a stressful day.

Personal motivation is very important to me because I need to push myself forward.  If I don't, who will?  I shared this one with my students.

My daughter was recently sick with the flu.  I did this page about her.  I call her my bird, and I use her image in much of my artwork.  She inspires me.

Another motivational technique.  I need to be more bold in my life and stand up for myself and my beliefs.

These are some of the things that are important to me in my life.

I know, I have been busy.  But here they are.  Don't worry, I still have other things to show you and discuss -I've been adding a few new forms of media to my artwork.  I have two finished pieces and one in the works.  Maybe it will be finished by the next blog.  We will see!  Excitement, excitement!  Leave a comment and let me know what you are thinking, or if you have been inspired.  May you have a peaceful day ~Peace~S.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello everyone!  It's been a while, but I'm back!  My computer had issues and had to be put out of it's misery; so now I have a beautiful new little laptop named Betty.  She's very pretty.  I am enjoying setting her up and taking her for a spin.

As for my creative side, there have been new developments here as well.  I have been working almost daily for about a week, and I have two finished paintings and many pages started in my artistic journal.  I am looking forward to sharing these all with you.  Once I have gotten back to journalling in the mornings and evenings, it has really helped to push my creative side again.  She just needs some opening up and regular practice to keep going!  We've been ill here as well.  A few weeks ago I had the respiratory flu that is going around, and now my little bird has it (daughter - Ava).  She is getting over it, but now she has a dreaded cough that has turned into bronchitis.  Stinky!  This has not been the healthiest of winters for the Steele's.  But we are on the mend.

Since I am not completely set up with my computer, I am not capable of scanning new artwork in.  The printer will be set up by tomorrow, so stay tuned to see new work!  I hope you are all doing well and have stayed healthy this winter!  See you soon!  ~Peace~Stephanie